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We shouldn’t be surprised. I bet there’s more to come.

Remember when Trump literally told the Proud Boys, on live television, to “stand back and stand by?” How he never explicitly condemned white supremacy? And how Trump supporters literally tried to kidnap the governor of Michigan? And how many BLM protests were met with tear gas and arrests and abductions? Remember when people were mad that a gate was damaged during a BLM protest, and upset about a Target being looted?

So now the Capitol building has been stormed by a crowd of white people waving Confederate flags and Nazi flags (yes, those green Kek flags are related to the Nazi flag), and there is an obvious lack of tear gas and rubber bullets. One moment Trump is crying “Oh, Antifa infiltrated my rally and are framing us,” but then turns around and tells the terrorists that he loves them and that they’re special. Did you know there was literally “MAGA Civil War January 6 2021” merch being sold prior to this event? That they planned to storm the Capitol? One cop even moved the barricade out of the way for the crowd.

Now his staff are dropping like flies because they’re trying to save face days before his administration ends; not because they think it’s the best thing for the country or that they’re unfit for their jobs, but because he’s quickly losing control and power and they want to get away while the gettin’ is good.

I can’t say I knew when something like this would happen, but I can say that I’m not surprised. He is grabbing at power, and his supporters are afraid that once Trump’s reign is over that they’re lose something. Maybe the timing caught people off guard (because it did for me), but the fact that something like this happened at all should shock no one. He is whining that the election was stolen from him, but no one has initiated an investigation. Unlike his win, which had been investigated, and he had been impeached over. If he genuinely believes that the election had been tampered with then why hasn’t he mentioned an investigation at all? Instead he keeps making speeches about his bruised ego.

I don’t think this is the last thing we’ll see. There will surely be more from the MAGA crowd. I worry about inauguration day in particular. Hopefully that is just my anxiety and paranoia talking, but I can’t shake the feeling that there will be more incidents like this, even after we transition into the Biden administration. There will surely be more chaos and fear caused by these people. Brace yourselves for it.